To be fair, Vikings general manager Rick Spielman cant know exactly what Adrian Petersons long-term future with the team is, cheap authentic jerseys because the team is waiting for his legal case to be resolved. He doesnt know what that resolution will be, and one would assume the result could affect the teams next action.

But the way Spielman did answer the question of whether nfl jerseys cheap hot Peterson will play with the Vikings again is worth noting. "Our focus right now, today, is to get this right, OK? " Spielman said. "We admitted making a mistake and we want to get this right. "

There was no unwavering commitment to bring nfl jerseys cheap Peterson back once his case for injuring his 4-year-old son is resolved. Spielman told ESPN last weekend, after Peterson was deactivated for a Week 2 game, that "all options are on the table" for what would happen next. It appears that might be the case again, at least for after this season.

Peterson wont play this season, unless something changes. His trial is likely to happen in 2015. Spielman made it clear the team plans to keep Peterson on the exempt/commissioners permission list until his legal issues are resolved. So it would appear something would have to change, either in the teams plan or an earlier trial date or the status of Petersons case, for him to suit up in 2014.